Client Services Call Center

SOS understands your business model. As your law firm call center, this is what we will do for you:

  • Answer your calls with YOUR custom greeting, using the LWP client services model.
  • Transfer callers to you exactly how you’d like as though we are right next to you in the office.
  • Answer frequently asked questions about your firm, including answers from our comprehensive list of FAQs common with LWP firms.
  • Schedule initial contacts into your workshops or initial meetings; conduct workshop follow up as requested; coordinate appointments directly on your calendar.
  • Take messages.
  • Return calls on your behalf.
  • Detailed reporting in Actionstep (if your firm uses the Actionstep Platform) or in our standard form.

Simplified Outsource Solutions offers two service levels to LWP members:


$897per month

500 minutes per month of client services phone answering.


$447per month

200 minutes per month of client services phone answering.
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