Trust Funding Services

SOS is founded and operated by lawyers to help other lawyers get back to what they do best – the practice of law – without the hassle of administrative chores.

SOS process flow

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Our trust funding services are one way we help you complete your trust planning services for a client, without bearing the responsibility of hiring, training and supervising staff to ensuring that funding is complete. Our process is structured to create premium efficiency for the law firms we support, all while providing timely and reliable service and verification to you and your clients.

Our funding services are offered through a secure portal in Actionstep. Actionstep is a cloud based software platform making it easy for you and your staff to access client funding documents 24/7 in a secure environment.

As lawyers ourselves, we know the importance of funding services. Our process ensures that every client’s trust is fully funded so that it will work at death as designed by your law firm.

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